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  • JobsOhio Inclusion Grant for Small Businesses

    The JobsOhio Inclusion Grant exists to provide financial support for eligible projects in designated distressed communities and/or for businesses owned by underrepresented populations across the state. Grant decisions are based on several project factors, including but not limited to company location, company ownership, jobs created and/or retained, and project fixed asset investment. Support is generally intended for small to medium-sized companies with eligible projects. Connect with the TeamNEO team  or Leslie McCoy, Economic Development Director ( to learn more about how this may work for your Company.

  • Valve Exercising Program

    The Village of Middlefield Streets & Utilities Department will be conducting a valve exercising program to maintain the quality and longevity of all water system valves.  Keeping these valves operating properly is extremely important in times of emergency.  Sections of a distribution system may be to be shut down to make repair without interrupting service to other areas. (more…)

  • Village of Middlefield Small Business Grant Program

    Village of Middlefield Small Business Grant Program

    Small Business Application – CLICK HERE (more…)


    Lt. Governor Jon Husted announced the creation of three programs to help small and medium-sized businesses in Ohio during the COVID-19 pandemic. The programs will be administered by the Ohio Development Services Agency:

    • Ohio PPE Retooling and Reshoring Grant Program
    • Ohio Minority Micro-Enterprise Grant Program
    • Appalachian Region Loan Program

    Ohio small businesses can learn more about these and other resources available through the Office of Small Business Relief and Development at Coronavirus.Ohio.Gov/BusinessHelp.

  • Paycheck Protection Program – Forgiveness Application

    The Small Business Association (SBA) released its Loan Forgiveness Application for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan.

    The chart below highlights each of the PPP loan provision modifications:


    Provision Original PPP Loan Provision Updated PPP Loan Provision
    Loan term/maturity (excess left after loan forgiveness) 2 years 5 years


    Loan – Covered Period 2/15/2020 – 6/30/2020 2/15/20 – 12/31/20


    Loan Forgiveness – Covered Period 8 weeks from disbursement of funds The earlier of 24 weeks from disbursement of funds or 12/31/20 (borrowers receiving loans prior to 6/5/20 may elect, i.e. keep the original 8-week covered period)


    Payment Deferral 6 months from the end of the covered period Must submit loan forgiveness application within 10 months after the last day of the covered period


    Loan Forgiveness Reduction Based on Reduction in Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) Employees Waived if number of FTE employees is restored by 6/30/20 Waived if number of FTE employees is restored by 12/31/20 or qualify for the Exemption Based on Employee Availability*


    Loan Forgiveness Limitation 75% of the loan forgiveness amount must be attributable to payroll costs Must use at least 60% of the covered loan amount for payroll costs


    *Exemption Based on Employee Availability.

    Date 6.05.2020

middlefield means business - video

This video showcases the Village of Middlefield. It illustrates the positive reasons for residing in Middlefield as well as locating a commercial or industrial business within the Village. Local business leaders represent each of these attributes and tell the story of what Middlefield Village has to offer.

Middlefield Means Business

When Ben Garlich took over as mayor of Middlefield Village on January 1, 2012, he had one thing on his mind – build the economic base of this community.

Garlich's first step as mayor was to form an Economic Development Committee (EDC) with the mandate to draft and adopt an economic development plan to guide Village growth. The committee includes village councilmen Bill Blue, Ron Wiech and residents Dave Dietrich...

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